Unified Communications – What, How and Benefits

Unified CommunicationsBusinesses thrive because of their communication and it would be really unwise to rely only on one communication system (in this case your telephone system) for getting all the work done. Let us look at a snapshot of a modern workplace:

  1. Your employees have a phone on their desk
  2. They have their workstations loaded with a variety of business applications
  3. Their Smartphones or mobile phones are within reach

Now, don’t you think it would be great if all these communications tools were integrated on a common platform? This is precisely what Unified communications do! It is the latest communication system that lets your employees receive and respond to all forms of communications from one device.

Unified Communications

Unified communications consolidates different types of communication that are exchanged via one or multiple networks. In layman’s terms Unified Communications is the technology that integrates the most frequently used tools on a common platform. Every employee in a modern workplace communicates via mail, SMS, telephone calls, video conference and instant messaging. All these communication tools can be easily integrated into a single system, which would then allow the messages to be delivered to the individuals, irrespective of the medium they use.

Unified communications is a holistic solution that facilitates the integration of video, voice as well as data into one communication system. This is a unique service that helps to stay in touch with anyone at any point of time. It bundles all the communication tools like video conferencing, instant messaging, text messaging and presence into a single service. Thus, when your employees are working from home, they can still participate in the video conferences, receive voicemails and check whether their colleagues are available at their desks for taking calls or not.

Benefits of Unified Communications

Here are a few simple yet powerful benefits of Unified Communications:

A big time and Money Saver: Unified communication can save a lot of time and money. Your employees will be able check any client or vendor communication from any device of their choice. For instance, if a civil engineer is working in a remote sight, he can easily check his mails, answer voicemails and even attend a video conference all by using his laptop, tablet or even his smartphone.

Voice messaging will become really easy as UC will help your employees to record, retrieve, relay and even forward the email messages and voicemail from one common place. This will helps them to access the messages and solve problems, irrespective of whether they are in the office or working from home.

Not only sharing of phone numbers will become really easy with UC but also temporary relocation to other workstation. They do not even have give up their phone numbers or personal identity while shifting to other workstation.

Syncing your desk phone, home phone, remote phone and even your mobiles with the phone transfer and message waiting features is simplified with UC. Dynamic extension gives a great edge to the callers who would be able to reach the executives of your company, irrespective of their location. Your employees too will be able to connect to the clients and co-workers without worrying about their location.

Desk-to-desk video conferencing is the biggest benefit of using Unified Communications as it facilitates real time access to data for better collaboration with customers or co-workers.

Delays or absence will not impede the productivity of your employees. They will be able to use features like conferencing, voicemail and other features while working from their homes.

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