Understand Business Communication Technology

Telecom 201: Understanding Business Communication Technology

Telecommunication is an important tool for all businesses to understand as it allows effective communication between customers and companies as well within the company itself. Whether it is from mobile networking, teleconference, or even through smartphones, telecommunication plays a vital role in business technology. If you own a business or are responsible for business communications, then understanding telecommunications is a smart idea.

Why Business Communication Matters

Team Wide Collaboration and Customer Service

The telephone system you have is a crucial part of both a customer service strategy as well as an interdepartmental relationship strategy. With proper call management techniques in place, it is simple to handle incoming queries quickly, and efficiently, no matter if it is an external or internal interaction.

With good business communication strategies, and proper telecom services, it is simple to reroute calls as needed, and allow the caller themselves to help navigate to the correct department. For example, your business telecom system could offer the caller the option of choosing which department (or employee) they would like to reach by having a menu option available (ie: “Press 1 for All Sales Questions”). Another method for using your telecom system for excellent customer service is to add additional features, such as personalized hold music and unique teleconference options.

Within the business itself, proper telecommunications can make or break a business. Not only does telecom improve the collaboration of employees within an office building, but it helps keep those who are not at a physical site—such as traveling on business or telecommuting—well connected with the company.

Tips for Improving your Business Communication

Communicate Your Company Mission Clearly: Internally and Externally

Every employee, and customer for that matter, should understand the company’s overall mission as it promotes interconnection within a company. It also safeguards that all of your employees’ actions are in line with your company’s vision as well as the expectations of your customer.

Take the time to communicate your company’s mission clearly to all employees and confirm that there are consistent reminders circulated within your company, such as at annual meetings and trainings. If everyone within the company understands the mission of the business, it is much easier to accomplish company goals. If your customers are privy to your company-wide goals and mission, then they will also have a better time connecting with your business, and that rapport will help build long lasting relationships.

Facilitate Open and Honest Communication and Feedback

Ensure that employees are informed on internal changes and future plans for the company. Create an open space, such as through an online forum, where important announcements are made, so that all internal staff is on the same page. Ensure that there is a way for employees to ask questions and provide a safe and confidential space if employees want to communicate directly with their superiors. This promotes a sense of openness within a company and fosters employee growth in such a way that they feel heard and understood—fostering a better work environment for all.

Better for Business

Exceptional communication is must when it comes to running a successful business. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your company is practicing excellent business communication.

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