Unified Communications Adds Value To Your Business

Unified Communications Value AdditionOver the last few years, Unified Communications has evolved into a reliable enterprise communication solution. Companies that were using VoIP started to look for a solution that would help them to integrate all their communication applications and tools on a single platform – Unified Communications was the solution that they had been searching for. The term Unified Communications was coined by Art Rosenberg while defining the technology that rerouted data and messages for facilitating their quick delivery to recipients. Over the last decade, Unified Communications has turned out to be a reliable solution that enterprises use for sharing messages across different platforms on a real time basis. Now if you too are contemplating a move to adopt Unified Communications then here are 5 good reasons to do it without any further delay.

5 reasons why Unified Communications can add value to your business:

1. Unified Communications Improves Productivity

The cut-throat competition in the market is putting immense pressure on companies to outperform in order to sustain the market. Now, a company will be able to function at a quick pace only if it has speedy access to data and information to boost knowledge and decision making process. Unified Communications has the power to address all the challenges by connecting the people in multiple efficient ways. The biggest advantage of Unified Communications is that it can effectively cut down overlapping work while bringing down errors. It facilitates innovation and enhances service levels that result out of speedy development cycles. Unified Communications technology has to be used in a very wise manner where strategies need to be developed to tackle devices, systems and a variety of operating platforms.

Unified Communications is extremely effective in bringing all the tools and applications on a common platform and facilitating streamlining of information delivery while making access to information extremely simple. Usual delays that one encountered because of the old PSTN or PBX circuits are completely eliminated when an organization is backed by a robust communication system like Unified Communications.

(2) One Inbox For All Messaging Needs

The unified messaging feature offered by Unified Communications takes care of all the messaging needs of the users. Here all the messages can be managed and maintained by the administrators and it allows users to communicate on a real time basis from any device of their choice. For instance, a voicemail and email would be delivered to a single inbox of the user, which makes it extremely convenient for the user to maintain as well as communicate.

(3) Huge Cost Savings

This is probably the biggest driving force behind organizations opting for the Unified Communications. Streamlining of all the communication on a single platform facilitates the integration and consolidation of communication tools and applications, which use a common server. The company will have to work with only a few servers, thereby saving a lot of money. Organizations will be able to save more money that can be used for other core business operations.

(4) Mobility

As far as mobility is concerned, there is no other technology in the world that can compete with Unified Communications. Any type of communication can be accessed by using the Unified Communications messaging platform. Voice, email and all other forms of communication can be accessed from a browser or the phone. Users will have to log in to the centralized Unified Communications communication system to access their messages.

(5) Efficient Communication

The users are able to access all the communication with the help of a common log in and they can even manage, share or forward using any appropriate communication channel.

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