Using VoIP Features to Cut Down Average Call-Handling Times

Signing up for services like Cincinnati Bell cable and internet or other online services is easier than ever. All it takes is one quick phone call or a click of a button and you’re connected to the business of your choice. Generally, this is a good thing for many companies, as they can now communicate with more potential customers. However, it also means competition is tougher, and losing clients can be just as easy as gaining them.

The biggest determining factor for customer retention is customer satisfaction, and prompt and effective communication plays a crucial role in this. Making sure that your call handling times are fast and efficient will do wonders for the satisfaction of your customers. Here are a few tips from our business experts at Nebula Solutions on how to improve your average call wait time.

Staff Adequately

For services such as  telephone service providers, you can expect high volumes of calls at pretty predictable intervals. This allows you to manage your staff ahead of time. For days with high average call volumes, increasing staff means hold and wait times for customers are shorter, improving the overall customer experience.

Self-Service Options

The more ways your customers can resolve their problems, the less the chances they’ll be calling in on your lines. Invest in many self-service options, such as interactive websites, automated voice response systems and other similar software used to cut down some of the demand on your phone handlers. This can free up your people to handle customer calls with more complicated concerns.

Use Available Technologies

Your VoIP telephony system offers tons of features that can make call handling quicker and simpler. Don’t hesitate to consult with your provider about the many ways this can help you, such as automated call forwarding to the right person or department and even voicemail to email functionality that allows you to revisit important calls you may have missed.

Explore the many ways you can cut down your average call wait and hold times and increase customer satisfaction with the help of our experts at Nebula Solutions. Give us a call at (888) 257-0955 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about VoIP features today. We serve businesses in Columbus and other surrounding areas in Ohio.