Advantages of VoIP – Advantage Employees

VoIP TeamIt is amply clear that VoIP telephony can help remote workers immensely and businesses can benefit in numerous ways by availing amazing features offered by IP based phone systems. There are a variety of workforce-related benefits that are already known by business owners but there are many other advantages that are left to be explored.

Employee Retention

VoIP can make a huge contribution towards employee retention and this in the end is beneficial to the employers too. Though this is quite true but the biggest beneficiary is the organization or the business owner, employees can are also a number of advantages. VoIP helps business owners offer flexibility to their staff who feel motivated and give complete dedication to their work.

The lower attrition rates will help the businesses function smoothly because they will never have to worry about finding new and efficient workers. VoIP gives a very economic option to the businesses when it comes to hiring and retaining remote workers. The cost effective approach helps businesses maintain higher employee satisfaction rate.

Team Morale, Remote Working

Team morale needs to be given due importance and this has to be analyzed differently as it is not always related to employee retention. Remote working can add its own value to the businesses as the employees will be happier with the extended flexibility. However, this does not give us any insight on the quality of work being delivered by the employees. There are special scientific methods that are used for this but we are not going to cover those in this blog post. As far as the working modes of employees are concerned, they are broadly categorized as individual and group-based. Remote working will be able to facilitate individual working to an extent however it has a greater impact upon team work.

Every organization has a good mix of both individual and group work for their employees but you need to analyze how VoIP impacts both while remote working. The employees who perform isolated individual tasks might not have to avail telephonic services quite often – they will be productive with or without using VoIP. However, when it comes to group tasks, employees will have to regularly collaborate with the other members of the organization on a real time basis using the real time applications. The employees’ (who are primarily involved in group tasks) productivity might not show any improvement even though they are happier remote working.

Group Tasks

Employees engaged in group tasks have to be provided with a virtual environment where they will be constantly in touch with other members and can collaborate on a real time basis. This will ultimately boost their morale and they will be motivated to perform better. VoIP should be included as the core element for group tasks as it will add value to their remote working. VoIP will be readily available to the employees – both for the remote workers as well as the ones working in the office. The Presence feature of VoIP will help in the real time communication as it is an enhancement upon voice calls or conference calls. Team sessions can be easily arranged as the employees will be able to view the real-time status of co-workers.

Distributed Teams

This is of great benefit to distributed teams who often work under strict deadlines. Mobility too supports all forms of remote collaboration and it is far less expensive and reliable. Virtual meetings is often taxing and the team morale gets a huge boost because employees get the opportunity to work remotely and at the same time collaborate with co-workers as if they are all located in the same office. Strong morale obviously leads to higher productivity for the businesses.

Team work will be immensely benefited by the use of VoIP as it is more reliable and loaded with better features than the traditional phones.

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