VOIP vs Traditional Phone Systems

VoIP vs Traditional Phone SystemsVoice over Internet Protocol is a new mode of communication. This new technology converts analog voice calls into digital pulses and transmits them over Internet. On the other hand, conventional phones follow a circuit-switched telephony process. In this technology, a single channel is set up between two end points pair to complete the call with the use of copper wire.

VoIP technology uses packet-switched telephony, wherein countless individual packets are compressed and sent over the Internet. Thus, this new technology increases the efficiency of data transfer. It is a far better system than the conventional telephony.

Communication Costs

This is the first parameter of comparison between these two technologies. Firstly, VoIP technology is extremely cheap. Secondly, it offers unlimited call facilities. In order to match this competition, conventional telephone companies are now offering discounts, and many new facilities. But, they will never be able to match VoIP call rates.

In case of conventional phone system, the phone call charges increase with distance. For example, long distance calls and IST calls will cost more than the local calls. However, in case of VoIP, there is no issue of cost changing with the distance of call. In fact, there is no call charge at all, irrespective of where the call is being made to. All you pay for is the Internet connection.


VoIP is much easier as a system than regular phones. A single supplier facilitates the linking up of voice, data, and computer application. Naturally, the result is a more efficient operation, and a more streamlined and productive operational environment. Even if a company has its branches in different countries, there is no need to pay any extra cost of making international calls.

VoIP Features

VOIP phone systems come with a number of built-in features, which are not present in the conventional telephone systems. Some of these value added features are:

  • Caller ID
  • Call diversion mechanism, which can divert or rout incoming calls to other numbers if and when needed
  • Do Not Disturb option
  • Ring back and repeated ring facility in case of busy or occupied lines until the other person picks the call up
  • Option of accessing voicemail remotely with the help of email or web portals and the option of organizing voicemails into folders.
  • Conference Calling
  • Any type of Internet enabled gadget can be used for sending and receiving calls. In case the user is moving office the person simply has to move the equipment as VOIP based devices are normally plug-and-play.
  • For expanding any business a traditional telephone line would need fresh lines to be installed. However, in case of VOIP, expansion simply involves upgrading the software and increasing the bandwidth.

Quality and Reliability

Previously, VOIP was severely criticized for quality of calls and the frequent instances of failed connections. However, with the improvement of technology and increase of Internet speed, all these issues no longer exist. At present, VoIP technology has very few flaws and is regarded as the best mode of telecommunication.

If you are looking to cut costs, installation of VoIP based telecommunication is the best option you have. This not only makes the communication system simpler, it also increases coordination between business units and thus affects the business in a positive way. VoIP based communication system is far superior to conventional telephone systems in more ways than one. Perhaps this is the reason companies are getting more and more inclined towards this mode of communication. While it cuts cost in one hand, it improves and expands your communication network.

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