Why You Should Keep Your Business Desk Phones

Mobile communication has become so ubiquitous that it’s almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t own a smartphone. Many homeowners have done away with their traditional landlines, but should businesses follow suit? VoIP solutions expert Nebula Solutions shares an in-depth look.

Centralized Communication

Millennials now make up nearly half of today’s workforce. This is a generation that grew up with smartphones, with messaging—not phone calls—dominating as their primary mode of communication. A lot of them can often be seen working in non-traditional workspaces such as coffee shops, shared workspaces or simply at home. Given that today’s smartphones can match desktop computers in terms of computing power, desk phones can be seen as a bit antiquated.

Despite the declining use of landlines, businesses still need a centralized communications system that doesn’t rely on batteries, cell sites or complicated controls; a system that’s backward-compatible with older systems used by other businesses and can handle a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls within a controlled environment.

Business Desk Phones

Such requirements can only be fulfilled, at least for the time being, by desk phones. A business with an entire workforce that relies on smartphones will face problems such as costly hardware and increased energy use. On the other hand, desk phones are reliable, easy to use and get the job done. There’s also the cost associated with issuing employees individual phones with individual data plans. This can be extremely difficult to manage when the workforce consists of hundreds of people.

In contrast, several desk phones can be connected to a single VoIP network, and can accommodate more as the workforce expands. Also, desk phones are ideal in environments where data security is paramount, which can be very complicated if the workforce is equipped with smartphones. Businesses equipped with desk phones remain more secure, cost-effective and expandable.

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