Why You Shouldn’t Take Missed Calls for Granted

Despite the presence of emails, chat support and social media pages, phone calls remain an important part of running a successful business. This is why you should never take missed calls for granted; each one could be a missed opportunity. In today’s post, local VoIP phone solutions provider Nebula Solutions shares a look at why missed calls are bad for business and what can be done to minimize them.

Effects of Missed Calls

Nuances in communication tend to get lost through text-based communication, which is why many people still prefer phone calls over chats and emails. Making customers wait for a long time or dropping their calls are clear signs of poor customer service that often lead to negative reviews. This can leave a permanent mark on a business, especially if the reviews are left on established websites like Yelp or Facebook.

Potential customers tend to do their research and check out these sites before making a decision, and bad reviews may cause them to think twice before working with you. As we touched on above, missed calls are missed opportunities. Studies have found that only a small fraction of people whose calls didn’t get answered called back.

How to Minimize Unanswered Calls

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help minimize unanswered calls.

Add call forwarding. Call forwarding is ideal for employees who perform field work or otherwise may need to be away from their desks from time to time. VoIP business phone systems have call forwarding and virtual office spaces as part of their various features.

Create an engaging hold message — The average person usually stays on the line for around four minutes. Instead of playing repetitive background music, create a hold message that contains important announcements. You can also offer options like sending an email, starting a chat or receiving a call-back if your line is extremely busy.

Add dedicated phone lines — Consider adding dedicated phone lines to each department. This helps prevent calls from getting bottlenecked at a singular point of contact. A good VoIP system makes it easy to set up dedicated phone numbers on short notice.

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