In Cincinnati, IP telephony has contributed much to the growth of businesses. The invention of IP telephony has not only advanced the communication system but also helped big and small companies save money on expensive telephone line charges. Whatever the size of your business, communication is crucial to keep it growing. Through the years, the business community in Cincinnati has been improving the type of communication system to make communication smooth, effective, and less expensive.

Pure IP Telephony In Cincinnati, OH

ip telephony cincinnati ohAs compared to using a telephone line and a PSTN switch, IP Telephony uses the Internet as a communication medium. All conversations are converted to digital signals, transported using the Internet backbone, and reconverted back to analog signals that can be heard and understood by human beings.

Nebula Solutions is proud to offer to the businesses of Cincinnati one of the most advanced IP Telephone Systems in the world – Toshiba’s IPEdge. We have vast experience in installing and programming IPEdge to suit your exact needs.

IPEdge is available in configurations of 40, 200 and 1000 users with identical features and capabilities, irrespective of the configuration you choose. Applications included are call processing, voicemail, and centralized system administration. In addition you also have unified messaging, meet-me audio, video conferencing with web collaboration, and a Call Manager.

Some of features and capabilities of Toshiba’s IPEdge are explained below:

Endpoints to suit everyone: IPEdge supports all kinds of devices that you can use. You can choose from desktop computers, laptops, standard phones, IP Telephones, and mobile devices.

Ease of Use: IPEdge works exactly the way you current digital phones work. Your employees would not even notice the change. And, as users get more comfortable, you can offer more and more features through simple programming.

Mobility: IPEdge and its supported products give you unlimited mobility in your operations. You can use a number of mobile devices to keep your communication going when you are walking around the office, driving, and even at home.

Unified Communications: Toshiba integrates the IPEdge suite of products with it’s advanced UC systems. Use your computer to manage – dial, answer, and transfer – your calls. Use advanced applications such as, Act!, and MS Outlook. See who else is available for a sudden conference. Share or transmit important information instantly. Run multiple chat sessions.

Collaborate: IPEdge Meeting allows you to start and participate in audio and video conferencing and web collaboration with scheduling, sharing, recording, reporting and more.

Voice Mail Flexibility: Voice processing and inbound call processing allows you to increase client happiness multifold. All this is built into the system.

Call Center Capabilities: Toshiba’s IPEdge provides advanced application and hardware capabilities to run a call center without needing any additional systems.

Survivability and Scaleability: Redundancy and 24/7 operations are built into IPEdge. Secondary backup and fall back are inbuilt into the system.

Converged Communication with Strata CIX in Cincinnati, OH

Nebula Solutions offers to you, Toshiba’s Strata CIX family of VoIP products. The CIX family is the ideal solution for people who are looking to mix regular telephony with IP Telephony with an eye on the future. The CIX family allows you to choose all IP, a mix of IP and digital or all digital solutions. This is an ideal way to step into the IP world with confidence after you experience its features and power yourself. The CIX solution is available in five configurations:

  1. CIX40 that support 4 to 11 trunks and 80-40 extensions
  2. CIX100 that supports 64 trunks, 72 extensions, or 112 total combinations
  3. CIX200 that supports 96 trunks, 160 extensions, or 192 total combinations
  4. CIX 670 that supports 264 trunks, 560 extensions, or 670 total combinations
  5. CIX1200 that supports 440 trunks, 1000 extensions, or 1152 total combinations

All the Toshiba Strata CIX models support a host of advanced features:

Combination of IP and digital endpoints. This allows you to mix and match features you make available to your employees depending upon their specific requirements. This feature also allows you to manage your transition budget very well.

Strata Call Manager. Manage all your calls from your PC. Use CRM programs such as Act!, Goldmine, Outlook etc. Chat instantly or broadcast important messages through chat to everyone. Find out who is available through Presence. Call people into a conference or call your colleagues where you need help.

Choices of Connections. Keep you existing telephones line for continuity and add IP networks and SIP trunking for the future.

Advanced Mobility Solutions. Carry you call to your mobile device if you are stepping out of the office. Within the office, use Toshiba’s SoftIPT client to extend your call to your PC, laptop, tablet or your smartphone. Always stay in touch with your client irrespective of where you are.

Meet-Me Conferencing and Collaboration. Schedule your meeting using your Outlook calendar. Your attendees can participate in the call from anywhere – using an IP network, or calling in using a PSTN phone. Completely web based, there is no need to transfer any applications or insisting upon any settings or drivers.

The Toshiba Strata CIX offers a host of other features that include:

  • Integrated Voice Mail Applications
  • Voice Processing
  • Strata Messaging
  • Comprehensive System Management Tools
  • Full contact center capabilities

Cloud Telephony in Cincinnati, OH

Avoid about spending 1000s of dollars on expensive IP PBX and at the same time get all the features of an enterprise level PBX. How? Simple, get on the cloud.

The Cloud has made an affordable hosted world-class phone system a reality for the SMB and Small Enterprise markets. Cloud-hosted phone systems are not only affordable and reliable;they also provide remote and mobile employees the ability to stay connected providing companies of all sizes the opportunity to look at alternate methods of conducting business, while gaining new levels of productivity.

Mirroring the robust capabilities of traditional PBX systems while harvesting the power of cutting-edge Business VoIP (Voice over internet protocol), a Cloud-hosted phone system lets any business take advantage of a feature-rich business phone system without having to worry about the complexity and high costs associated with the hardware and service of an on-premise system.The benefits of owning a hosted business phone system go beyond cost benefits and unmatched call management functionality. Choosing Cloud empowers businesses to gain high level control of their phone system that allows for greater flexibility and unlimited scalability.

IP Telephones in Cincinnati, OH

Toshiba’s advanced IP Telephones can work hard along with you and keep you communicative all the time. Simple to use and at the same time, capable of taking advantage of all the features of IP telephony, Toshiba’s 5000 series of IP Phones are the ideal answer for a busy workplace. The IP4100 series of IP Phones have the same capabilities and give you wireless freedom also.

Call us today and we will show you which phones work best with your current and future communication needs.

Digital Telephones in Cincinnati, OH

When used with the right devices that also offer functional programs and controls, IP Telephony is more productive and effective. Toshiba provides its customers with the right devices for one’s telephony needs. Toshiba digital phones are sleek and functional in look and usage, assuring smarter and productive performances. Digital phones present best sound quality and onscreen prompts and tasks controls for easy identification. While it is made to be productive, Toshiba digital phones are also designed ergonomically for ease of use that is more comfortable and effective. Installation is not difficult and maintenance is not needed. These innovations from Toshiba are the best choice for one’s IP telephony system for better performance and lower expenses. Toshiba has been making phones for a long time now, and as an industrial leader, is offering a lot of models to suits anyone’s personal taste. Toshiba digital phones have up to 40 programmable buttons. The right choice for digital phones is always Toshiba.

Nebula Solutions offers to you all the models from Toshiba. Choose from Toshiba’s 5000 series digital phones or the 4000 series.

Mobility Solutions in Cincinnati, OH

Mobility is the best thing about IP Telephony. With IP technology, anyone can work onsite or offsite, unbounded from his or her own desk. IP mobility can largely provide advanced communication system among workers and supervisors. Furthermore, IP mobility makes a way for smart phones to be an extension of one’s desk phone in the office. This means that if you are receiving a call at your desk when you are not there. You can rout the call to your mobile phone. With this ability, it allows employees not to miss anything whether they are sitting on their desk or taking a short brake. IP technology cuts the cost of cellular payments for every minute used for calling or texting. When one’s phone is connected to IP mobility software, it allows the user to call or send messages to using the wireless network connection. IP User Mobility, Follow-Me, uMobility and Toshiba Wireless SIP DECT Telephones are some of the mobile solutions that keep you in touch and available all the time.

These mobility solutions are offered by Nebula Solutions to all its customers. Call us to understand how we can keep you connected to your work 24/7.

IP/VoIP Phones for Small Business in Cincinnati, OH

If you are a small or medium business (SMB), Nebula Solutions has the perfect phone systems for you.

  • The IPedge EP model is a small business phone system that gives you all the advantages of a enterprise system without the cost or size. The IPedge EP comes as a small IP PBX that can be installed on your computer rack. With minimal wiring requirements, the IPedge EP can function from day one.
  • Strata CIX 40 is another small business phone system that gives you powerful capabilities for your office in Cincinnati. Starting from 8 IP channels for IP phone connection, the Strata CIX40 is the ideal entry IP PBX that will give your process integration, call center features, advanced voice mail applications, IVR and call distribution, Automated Speech Recognition, and host of other features. Call us today for more details.

About Nebula Solutions

Nebula Solutions is a premier vendor of Toshiba products and services. We have been installing and supporting advanced communication solutions for all our clients in and around Cincinnati. With factory trained technicians, we are best equipped to handle all your communication needs.

Toshiba’s cutting edge products coupled with Nebula Solutions’s excellent knowledge and service gives you the power to manage your business communication expertly and efficiently. Call us today, and we will help you take the quantum jump to IP Telephony.