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Whether a business is big or small, communication is a basic necessity to keep the business growing. Over the years, the business community, with the aid of science and technology, has been improving the types of systems that people use to make communication smooth, effective and less costly. IP based business phone systems has been making steady progress with technical advancements, features and cost, making it the ideal tool for communication.

IP Telephony in Columbus, OH

Business Phone Systems ColumbusWhat is IP telephony? IP, or Internet Protocol, is a system of communication that makes use of the Internet to make and receive calls, video conferences, as well as to transfer data, instant messages, etc. Instead of using telephone lines, IP Telephony uses the Internet. As long as there is Internet connection, one can connect to others using a handset, mobile phone or even a regular personal computer. IP Telephony allows people to call from mobile to PC, phone to phone or any other compatible calling device. Most importantly, the advent of IP Telephony has decreased the cost of communication considerably.

Pure IP Communication System in Columbus, OH

Nebula Solutions brings to businesses in Columbus, an award winning IP business phone systems – Toshiba’s IPEdge. The IPEdge telephone system has multiple models to suit companies of all sizes. If you are small company, the IPEdge EP supports up to 40 users. For a slightly larger and growing company, we have the IPEdge EC that can support up to 200 users. For large enterprises, we have the IPEdge EM that can support up to 1000 users per server.

The Toshiba’s IPEdge servers are highly configurable and offer a host of applications including call processing, voicemail, and system administration. Added are goodies such as unified messaging, meet-me audio, video conferencing, web collaboration, and Call Manager.

Having a pure IP communication system gives you benefits of inexpensive calls, free messaging and other activities. Gone are the days when you have to worry about call costs, and wonder how you are going to meet your bills. IP telephony frees you from the clutches of expensive telephone or PSTN system. If you speaking to someone else who has an IP system, all communication are literally free. At the same time, the system is integrated to PSTN lines so you can make calls to anyone, even those without IP communication.

Converged or VoIP Communication in Columbus, OH

What if you wanted to get a taste of IP communication without losing your precious phone lines? What if you wanted a mixture of the two? Nebula Solutions and Toshiba do have solutions for those requirements also. Nebula Solutions presents Toshiba’s Strata CIX IP business phone systems.

The CIX Telephone System is a hybrid of the best kind. You can have PSTN or trunk lines merged with IP telephony in any combination you want. You can use all kinds of phone devices – what we call end points. Available in five configurations, all Strata CIX platforms have some amazing common features:

Amalgam of IP and digital end points that allows you to mix and match the end points to suit individual departments or users. If someone critical needs a direct phone connection, before his contacts are slowly moved to IP systems, you can install standard digital phone with trunk line landing there. If you have modern sales department that is ready to go IP all the way, end their points with smart phones, PC, laptops or even tablets.

The Strata Call Manager gives you complete control through your PC. With integration to CRM programs such as Act!, Goldmine, and MS Outlook, impress your customers with easy, intuitive, and unified communications interface. Handle all your calls with just a mouse click, without ever lifting your handset. Use the presence system to locate people and make them answer calls to give critical information. Broadcast messages to multiple recipients and run simultaneous chat sessions.

Network Connections choices are yours to make. From a pure IP network, to SIP trunks, to analog and digital PSTN lines – choose the configuration that suits your best.

Complete Mobility Solutions allows you to extend the Strata CIX reach to on-site and off-site mobility. Toshiba itself offers a wide range of wireless phones and softphones for on-site mobility. For off-site mobility, install SoftIPT software on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone and be completely mobile.

The Strata CIX supports a host of other features such as integrated voice mail, messaging, media applications, browser based administration, feature personalization, contact center capabilities, and absolute survivability.

The Strata CIX system, as we said before, comes in 5 configurations that support from 4 trunks to 440 trunks and from 40 to 1500 end points.

Hosted or Cloud Based Communication in Columbus, OH

What if you are hungry for all the features of a call center or an enterprise phone system, but are put off by the high costs and expensive infrastructure you have to set up and maintain? What if you feel those features will help you grow?

Again, Nebula Solutions has the solution for you. We have hosted a large IP-PBX on our enterprise class data center. You can use all the features of this business phone systems by just paying a pre-determined monthly fee. Called cloud telephony of hosted telephone system, it is now available to you as a service. Choose the number of connections you want and the features you need. Add more connections and more features as your grow used to the system as well as when you have gathered more business. Nebula Solutions’s cloud solution offers all the following wonderful features and more:

  • Complete business phone systems features
  • Unified messaging with voice mail
  • Call Manager unified communications with presence, and messaging on smart phones and PC
  • Full mobility solutions

Digital and IP Phones in Columbus, OH

We offer the complete range of IP and digital phones from Toshiba to go along with your IP, VoIP, or cloud telephony. The IP5000 series of IP phones are beautiful looking, easy to use and are capable of using all then features we discussed above.

The IP4100 series give you all the capabilities of the IP500 series and give your wireless freedom also.

Toshiba has been making phones for a long time, and you will not find better digital phones anywhere. The DP5000 series feature easy to read LCD, programmable buttons, sleek design, and enable you to work smarter.

IP & VoIP Phones Systems for SMBs in Columbus, OH

The products and solutions we described may sound expensive. In reality, they are easily affordable. But, we do understand the hesitation of small and medium business in terms of investment. For companies such as yours that are eager to save money, but are hesitant to take the full plunge, we have the ideal solutions.

  • The IPedge EP is an entry level IP PBX that can be easily installed in your office to give you all the features you are looking for. From unified communications to voice mail to contact center flexibility, you get everything you need. The IPedge EP will help you Communicate-Collaborate-Connect professionally with all your customers, vendors, and employees. This is the ideal full fledged IP Business Phone systems for small and medium business in Columbus.
  • For those looking for converged communications, SIP trunking, and a mixture of IP and PSTN operations, we have the Strata CIX40. This model is made for small business, a branch office, or a retail location in Columbus. The Strata CIX40 gives you auto attendant, voice mail, unified messaging, IVR, auto call distribution, and full customization tools.
  • If you are not too keen at looking at an IP PBX in your office, we would suggest VIPEdge – Toshiba’s award winning cloud based or hosted phone system. Toshiba has hosted multiple networked IPEdges on a world class data centre to support 1000s of connections. As an user, you pay for only as many connections as you subscribe to. Subscription charges start from as low as $1 per user per day. Call us today for more details.

Nebula Solutions and Communication in Columbus, OH

Nebula Solutions is a leading provider of telecommunication products and solutions. Working with Toshiba, we bring to you some award winning products coupled with our personalized service. For any kind of telecommunication requirement in and around Columbus, do give us a call be prepared to be impressed.