If you are contemplating getting a telephone system for your business, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Setting up, or upgrading an existing telephone line often comes down to identifying the features you need in order for your communication system to function as expected. Above all, you should know which line of products to choose in order to reap the benefits of a good business phone system.

VoIP Phone Systems Dayton

Toshiba has been around for many years, serving people with top of the line products and services. Right now, they have also created business phone solutions that will fit to any kind of business, whether new or expanding.

Pure IP Telephony with IPEdge in Dayton OH

IPEdge is one of Toshiba’s leading IP based business phone systems that impress users and clients alike of the company’s stability, professionalism and productivity. The IP-PBX comes in a small package and can be installed on your server rack. Available in multiple models, the IPEdge system supports a large array of features and capabilities, yet is very easy and familiar to use. IPEdge is business phone systems that guaranteed to increase your productivity multi fold.

You can daisy chain multiple Toshiba’s IPEdge IP-PBX, giving you unlimited connectivity. Each of these servers can also accommodate up to a thousand users for easy access, control and management of communication. This technology is also packed with the following applications that give your business a boost of efficiency and productivity:

  • Call Manager unified communications feature – a solution that combines all types of voice communication services, including its very own “Find Me” and “Follow Me” feature where incoming calls reach both your desk phone and you mobile phone.
  • Voicemail and unified messaging – voice mails are very important part of a well organized telecom system. That’s the very reason IPEdge integrates a robust voice mail system for callers to leave a message for the right person and for the system to deliver it promptly.
  • Call Processing – this involves call routing or transferring to the right party with a dedicated extension number for easy reference and traceability.
  • Video and web collaboration – you can do things instantly by integrating users on the web and creating instant chat messages, audio or video calls, setting up appointments and many others.

Installing and managing IPEdge is quite easy and very straightforward. It can be integrated in a 19” rack and only requires a static IP address in order to connect existing telephone lines to the network. IPEdge has built-in management software that is web-based, hence, an administrator’s PC requires no special software to get going. With just a PC and a Web browser, users can pretty much configure their own communications platform with very easy-to-follow instructions. In addition to being very powerful, IPEdge is easy to install and use. What more can you ask for in a business phone system?

Strata CIX VoIP Communications in Dayton OH

phone-systems-daytonToshiba offers a versatile business phone system that is built to cater to all business sizes. It can manage up to 440 trunks and 1,000 telephones for a seamless communication regardless of the number of units involved. The Strata® CIX™ technology provides a dominant VoIP capability that can be integrated to IP and digital telephones, laptops or desktop PCs, soft phones for PDAs, and wireless or cordless phone lines. The Media Application Server (MAS) of Toshiba is connected via Ethernet to the Strata CIX IP System to enable a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Auto Attendant and Voicemail
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call Manager
  • Video conferencing solutions and file sharing
  • Web-based system administration
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Unified Messaging
  • Fax Integration

Installation and upgrading is easy. We offer a large range of models to suit your requirements and budget well. Call us for a discussion, and we will explain what suits your best.

Cloud or Hosted Telephony in Dayton OH

The IP and VoIP systems we discussed above are IP-PBXs that are installed in your office. What if you want to try out an business phone systems before investing in it? We have the perfect solution for you – Nebula Solutions’s hosted or cloud based IP communication system.

At you office, all you need is an Internet connection, and IP compatible phone. For subscription as low as a dollar a day per person, you can use the cloud-based system as if it were your own. This system offers the following features:

  • Full IP telephone features
  • Unified communication
  • Unified messaging with voice mail
  • Full mobility

IP Telephones in Dayton OH

Toshiba offers not just fantastic business phone systems, but also a wide range of telephone devices that compliment their extensive line of high-end communication systems. Toshiba’s 5000 Series of IP telephones enhance the power of the system you choose. The IP5000 Series features an integrated Gigabit Ethernet capability for the fastest high-speed Internet connectivity, and a huge backlit display for the easy reading regardless of the lighting in the room. The IP5000 series offers features designed to increase your productivity. And, you can define your own programs instructing the device as to what to do.

Digital Telephones in Dayton OH

Toshiba’s DP5000 Series are highly advanced digital speaker phones for easier communication. The speaker phone capability lets you get connected with callers especially when you are on a multi-tasking mode. With readable LCD screens, you can immediately see the information flashing on the screen. It also has programmable buttons so you can immediately access the commonly used functions as well the advanced ones. What’s more, it has an Off Hook Call Announce capacity by means of the speaker or the handset.

Mobility Solutions in Dayton OH

The flexibility of using Toshiba’s variety of high-end products and services can also be used when you are mobile, both within the office, and outside. IP User Mobility, Follow-Me, uMobility and Toshiba Wireless SIP DECT Telephones are just a few of the mobile solutions that get you going regardless of time and geographical location.

IP/VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business in Dayton, OH

IP/VoIP are new technologies that use the Internet. Sometimes they are also called Internet Phone Service. They do offer far better voice clarity, more features and astonishingly lower cost. The features are made for SMBs or small and medium businesses in Dayton. For such companies, we offer three product and service solutions.

  1. For Pure IP Telephone Systems, we have Toshiba’s IPEdge EP model. This comes in a small IP PBX server that can be installed in your server room. With minimal connections, the IPedge EP model gives you all the features of the unit that supports 1000s of users. Start from as low as 40 users, and delight your customers, vendors, and employees with start-of-the-art IP Phone System. See an increase in productivity and start reaping more business and more profits.
  2. The Strata CIX40 starts as a 8 user system but, again, gives you all the features of a enterprise class contact centre. Work with features such as voice mail, browser based control, complete mobility, call distribution, IVR, Fax Integration, unified messaging, etc.
  3. Are you finding the IPEdge attractive but are hesitating to buy a IP PBX server for some reason? Fret not. We offer Toshiba’s IPEdge on the cloud – VIPEdge. With thousands of connections installed and maintained by Toshiba, all you pay for is your connection. This is like a self drive car rental, only much less expensive. For as low as $1 a day, get all the features of IPedge on you phone device. Call us today for more details.

Nebula Solutions and Communication in Dayton OH

Toshiba is well known for offering robust products, services and accessories for businesses of all types that separates them from the rest in the industry. And Nebula Solutions is proud to bring these products and services to you in Dayton. With 1000s of installation under our belt, we know the IP communication technology inside out. We are ready to understand your requirements, and suggest the best possible IP phone system for your business. Call us today to reap the benefits of this new communication paradigm.