What is Unified Communication?

Unified Communication

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, is the integration of all the communication channels, tools and applications on a common platform. UCaaS solutions are based on VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. Here all the communication takes place over the IP network, which includes making and receiving calls, call forwarding, call recording, conferencing, messaging and other advanced communication channels. There is a common software based platform used for operating and managing all the communication channels. This virtual communication platform makes it extremely easy for the users to communicate from anywhere using the device of their choice. Irrespective of your location and device, you will be able to communicate seamlessly.

Features and Benefits

There are several advanced telephony features available with the leading UC solutions available in the market. Not only will you be able to establish one to one communication with other users on the network but you will also be able to check whether they are available or not (i.e. status of a user).  UC comes with numerous benefits and like any other enterprise communication solution, UC too facilitates the implementation of uniform policies for business communication. Thus, you will be able to create and work in an environment that implements standard communication procedures.

Some of the obvious benefits offered by Unified Communication Solutions are:

  • Connected offices and employees – Unified Communication facilitates uninterrupted communication among various offices and remote sites of a company. For instance, a mobile worker going for sales meetings can easily coordinate with a production department executive from the head office from their smartphones or tablets only. They will be able to install and access the common UC platform to manage their emails, analyze call records, arrange phone conferences, send and receive instant messages etc.
  • Reduction in telephony budget – Organizations will be able to save thousands of dollars yearly by using UC solutions. Since these too use VoIP, overseas and international calls can be made at extremely lower rates.
  • Increase productivity – Organizations will be able to realize higher productivity as all their employees, vendors and businesses associates are connected through a common platform. Employees will be able to sort out any kind of business issues by instantly communicating the same with their colleagues and seniors. Thus, a quick solution would facilitate quicker delivery of services to customers.
  • Greater profits – Higher productivity will automatically result in higher profits, which is ultimately the aim of every business house in the world. A better and improved communication technology like UCaaS is boon for the modern businesses.