How Video Conferencing Solutions Helps Your Business

Video Conferencing Solutions

You want your business to grow, right?  And you want TCG and Toshiba to help you do that.  Even as a small-to-medium business, you can benefit greatly from video conferencing solutions, which is how many other businesses are conducting their operations these days.  In terms of minimizing expenses, building better relations with customers, optimizing productivity, time management, and assisting collaboration, video conferencing solutions is second to none.  Indeed, each of these hurdles can be overcome by an SMB that has the power of video conferencing solutions on its side.

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Minimizing Expenses

Ever wonder how much the average company spends on travel each year?  It’s about $110 billion a year on domestic travel, and over $30 billion internationally.  Time management also is a factor in the travel equation:  Think of delayed flights, traffic jams, unforeseen illnesses or any other conditions that might cause downtime.  On the other hand, using video conferencing solutions seriously curtails these costs and the time associated with them. Not only that, but it enables a greater bandwidth of communications than a mere phone call between employees and remote customers.

Building Better Relations with Customers

At one time, audio conferencing was good enough.  But now people want a wider experience — they want video as well.  Why not give it to them?  Video enables a stronger emotional return and a deeper insight into people on the other end than mere audio conferencing.  That’s not the only plus, either.  You can also share images and documents both ways, which engenders trust, raises the bar for support, and improves the overall experience.  This will provide your SMB a competitive edge, which will improve your customer base and ultimately, both your bottom lines.

Optimizing Productivity

The majority of SMB CEOs report that one of the things that’s had a major positive impact on the productivity of their workers has been the simple expedient of video conferencing solutions.  Many companies say they’ve seen rises in the speed of their decision making, as well as their creativity.  Management can interface more easily with their employees, and departments can cross-pollinate easier as well.  Productivity is also bettered because you’re not stuck in traffic — you can be at your desk collaborating with those people you have to in order to help you create the Next Big Thing.

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Time Management

Video conferencing solutions also helps SMBs with time management.  When you log in to your computer, it’s easy to be across town, halfway across the country, or on the other side of the world, if you have to.  Instantly.  And they say time is money — before video conferencing solutions, you’d have to book a ticket, wait for the flight, spend hours on the plane, suffer the jet lag — now you don’t have to waste that time.  Now you can use that time to remain agile.  Now you can reduce those losses of time, energy and money.

Not only that, but increased use of video facilities facilitates employees telecommuting.  Which enables them to spend less time commuting.  People have more flexibility with their jobs, more choices.  They like that.  When they have these options, they tend to remain in their positions longer, and report higher levels of job satisfaction.

Assisting Collaboration

Of course you want a fully optimized team.  Then you’ll want them to share all of their skills with each other — you’ll want them to collaborate with one another.  In the global workspace of today, though, distances are long and time zones can be disparate.  These can separate workers.  This, however, is a challenge that can be overcome easily with video conferencing solutions.