Since the advent of IP telephony, more and more people and companies are switching from traditional telephone system, or POTS as it is called for Plain Old Telephone System, to VoIP telephony. The reason why there is this continuous increase of VoIP telephony users these days is that it offers a lot of advantages and benefits to the user. The advantages and benefits of VoIP telephony for outweigh the efforts needed to switch. IP or Internet Protocol telephony relies on internet connection to make calls, send messages and make audio and video conference calls anywhere in the world. Today, every business has Internet connection. VoIP uses this as the backbone to offer fantastic communication facilities.

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voip phone systemsBefore understanding what the advantages and benefits of VoIP telephony are, one must be able to comprehend how this type of communication works. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a system that take audio signals you hear from a traditional telephone system and converts them into digital data. This digital data is transferred to the other end, where it is converted back to sound you hear on your phone or computer speakers. As the primary information is digital, the devices used become irrelevant. You can use a phone on one end, and use a laptop on the other. The only condition is that all devices must have a mic and a speaker.

One of the best thing about VoIP telephony is that you can make calls anywhere in the world and speak for as long as you want, as long as there is Internet connection at both ends. For a small price, you can also make and receive calls to and from regular phones. The conversion from the Internet to regular PSTN lines is done by a switch at the backend. Even though there are charges if one wants to make a call to or receive calls from regular phone numbers, VoIP telephony costs are still very low.

Advantages and Benefits of VoIP Telephony

Now that we understand how VoIP works, let us see what it’s advantages are:

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  • Single Network – VoIP telephony needs the same wiring you use for your Internet connection. You do not need separate wiring for telephony.
  • Web based administration – It is easier to administer and track out-going and in-coming calls because all data will be available in a web browser. Also, this kind of communication system allows the user set the features you want available for an individual, a department, or any other combination.
  • Using the data network for telephone calls – As its name implies, VoIP uses internet protocol to make phone calls. This means that long distance calls can be inexpensive. No matter where one is, calls can be made as long as Internet connection is available at both ends.
  • Presence Management – With VoIP, one can manage the presence in his or her own VoIP software whether he or she is on-line, offline, busy, mobile, or away.
  • Reduced Costs – The last yet the most attractive advantage, VoIP reduces call costs, even to standard phones lines.