Hosted VOIP & SIP

Voice Over IP (VOIP) and SIP Trunking can be beneficial to your company in many situations.  Knowing when it’s right for you, and how to prepare and lay a good foundation to make a VOIP or SIP deployment successful, is key. Nebula Solutions works with many business phone carriers.  Each carrier has differing strengths and weaknesses.  Nebula Solutions can help you navigate through the telecom maze to create the best solution for your company.

WAN Solutions

Multiple locations? Need to safely connect your locations to share software, POS, create backups and failover locations, or unify your voice services? Creating a strong WAN (Wide Area Network) foundation is key to ensuring that your company is ready for the demands of technology. Whether you need Ethernet, MPLS, SD-WAN or Fiber-Based Point-to-Point solutions, Nebula Solutions can manage your project if your locations are across town or around the globe.

Internet Access

The ability to connect to the Internet comes in a myriad of options. Nebula Solutions works with you to find the correct solution for your locations. Whether you need Gigabit fiber, Ethernet, T1s, Coax, DSL or Wireless, we can help you design and implement a solution for all your locations.

Fiber Facilities

Fiber is more readily available than it has ever been.  Discovering the closest fiber to your location can sometimes be difficult. Nebula Solutions works with dozens of carriers to find the best fiber solution for your Internet, WAN or Co-Location services.  Nebula Solutions helps negotiate on your behalf to get the best value for your company.

Mobility Solutions

Wireless services are quickly becoming the main form of communication for many business customers.   Nebula Solutions can help reduce your current mobility costs, and work with you to create a roadmap for your future growth and mobile security.


Sometimes the latest technology is not the best solution for your company. Nebula Solutions works with many carriers to help your locations source traditional voice products such as business lines and ISDN circuits. Proven, reliable technologies are sometimes the best.