Organizations need to understand their current telecom costs and services, but most companies do not have the time or expertise to understand what they have, let alone what they need in the future.  Nebula Solutions can quickly give you a full picture of your telecom inventory and expenses, and offer ways to reduce your costs.


Nebula Solutions has the experienced team specifically dedicated to ensuring that your communications project is handled quickly and thoroughly to free up your staff.  Working with carriers, vendors and your employees to make sure project goals are implemented quickly and precisely, is our focus.

TEM (Total Expense Management)

Gartner reported that 12-20% of carrier charges are errors, and 85% of the time these errors are in the carriers favor.   That means that if you are an average customer, you are giving away an additional 10-17% of your telecom budget to large carriers.   Nebula Solutions’ Total Expense Management (TEM) is an important part of any organizations’ telecom management, and with our experienced team, you do not need to become the expert.