The Cloud has made an affordable hosted world-class VOIP phone system a reality for the SMB and Small Enterprise markets. Cloud-hosted VOIP phone systems are not only affordable and reliable; they also provide remote and mobile employees the ability to stay connected providing companies of all sizes the opportunity to look at alternate methods of conducting business, while gaining new levels of productivity.

Cloud VOIP

Expanding on the robust capabilities of traditional PBX systems while harvesting the power of cutting-edge Business VoIP (Voice over internet protocol), a Cloud-hosted phone system lets any business take advantage of a feature-rich business phone system without having to worry about the complexity and high costs associated with the hardware and service of an on-premise system.

The Nebula Solutions Approach

At Nebula Solutions, we understand we don’t live in a one size fits all world.

We have relationships with multiple cloud telephony providers in order to provide our clients with the solutions that best fit their needs.  Providers have different strengths and what might be a great solution for one client might not make that much sense for another. Nebula Solutions works to understand what our client’s needs are and then brings the best solution and options for them to consider. Once a decision is made we don’t stop there. Nebula Solutions associates are on board to assist with your migration to the cloud and the necessary coordination between the cloud provider and your other vendors to make sure your transition is a smooth one.

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