Digital phones

An IP phone uses Voice over IP technology for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Digital phones, on the other hand, are conventional telephones, which carry the voice data through telephone cables. Digital phones convert the analog voice signal into a digital signal and transport the signal across the connected line and then decode that signal as sound at the other end. This means whatever is encoded at one end is exactly the same as what is decoded at the far end

Merits of IP phones:

Diversity: There are different types of IP Phones. There are Soft-phones that can run on your computer, there are Voice over Wi-Fi phones that can operate using the wireless network, Soft-clients on mobile phones, and of course there are hard IP Phones on the desk.

Single network: With IP Phones there is a single network to build and maintain – The IP network. But with digital phones, you need a separate network with telephone cables in addition to the IP network for data.

Mobility: IP Phones can just be moved from one desk to another, and they will still pick up the config. information and retain your extension there. The Voice Over Wi-Fi Phones can work using the wi-fi network and hence can be carried around the building – making it a mobile land-line!

Usage over the WAN Network: You can use an IP Phones to register with an ITSP service provider to make long distance calls over the Internet economically, provided your data bandwidth will support the traffic.

Merits of Digital phones:

Power: Digital phones are much more power efficient than IP phones. In fact, they barely use any power – most of the power used to support a digital phone is supplied over the line itself, typically supplied through a power module installed in the PBX.

Bandwidth: Digital phones do not require any bandwidth on the network (LAN) or on the internet.

Cost: Digital phones are typically less expensive when compared to IP phones.